Mail gets rejected: This mail server requires authentication.


I have a problem sending mail to 1 specific domain on my new cPanel/WHM VPS with Exim mailserver from my external hosted Exchange account. Sending mails to every other e-mail domain on my VPS works fine, only to that specific domain fails.
But when I use an non-exchange email account to send to that domain, it works perfect.

This is the info in the rejection mail:


Bronserver: #< #5.0.0 smtp; 503 This mail server requires authentication when attempting to send to a non-local e-mail address. Please check your mail client settings or contact your administrator to verify that the domain or address is defined for this server.> #SMTP#

I think the Exim mailserver rejects the mail, because the sending mailserver domain ( is not the same as my e-mail account (, but in the mail logs on my server I can’t find any notice of the exchange server that connects, or that any mail gets rejected.

I tried adding the IP of tot the Trusted SMTP IPs and to the /etc/relayhosts, and I tried disabeling some of the ACL Options, but still I get the rejection notice.

So it looks like the problem is the connection from the exchange server to my mailserver.

Anyone has an idea why the mail gets rejected?

Thank you!

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nameserver IP Setup

I have an issue with my nameservers (at least I think I do) and would like some advice:

I have a VPS. I have a domain registered at godaddy and have the host ns1 and ns2 set to two different IPs. ns1 is set to my main server Ip and ns2 is set to another open IP on my server. I have A records set to these IPs on this domain as well. When I ping and they both return the main server IP.

I have sites hosted that are reporting occassional page load issues with "server not found" error. I’m thinking it could be because of a nameserver setup issue.

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Transparent CSS Sprites

Smashing-magazine-advertisement in Transparent CSS SpritesSpacer in Transparent CSS Sprites
 in Transparent CSS Sprites  in Transparent CSS Sprites  in Transparent CSS Sprites

One of the most useful front-end development techniques of recent years is the humble “CSS Sprites”. The technique was popularised by Dave Shea on A List Apart in 2004 with his article CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death. CSS Sprites are a relatively simple technique once you understand the fundamentals and it can be applied in all manner of ways. A common use is for a graphic intensive navigation, but it can also be useful for buttons or even styling headings with the corporate font.

Sprites are simply a collection of images which are merged together to create a single file. You then use CSS, changing the


the image, to display the correct part of the image you need. I often use the analogy of a large object passing a window — you only see what is within the frame.

Over the last couple of years CSS Sprites has been one of the most widely adopted CSS-related techniques. Popularised by the Yahoo’s research and documentation around speeding up your website, many high profile websites implement the technique, including Google and Amazon. There are numerous tutorials which help you get to grips with the techniques and sprite generators which help you create the graphics themselves.

The Benefits and Potential Problems

CSS Sprites have become a de-facto way of improving the speed of your website or web application. Merging multiple images in to a single file can quickly reduce the number of HTTP requests needed on a typical website. Most browsers only allow for two concurrent connections to a single domain so although individual files can be large, the overall request and response times are considerably lower. Combining images with similar hues also means the colour and compression information is only need once, instead of per file, which can mean an overall reduced file size when compared to the files individually.

The benefits of reduced file size and HTTP requests are often publicised, but potential problems are rarely ever discussed. One of the main techinical issues with CSS Sprites is memory usage which is explained in the article “To Sprite Or Not To Sprite”. Another issue is the maintenance of the sprites, the images and the CSS, both of which can become rather complicated.

A Technological Solution

A common practice in solving slow-down in computing seems to simply throw in more hardware. We all know hardware prices are dropping all the time, so this seems like a reasonable solution. However, I feel there is a fundamental flaw with this philosophy and ingrained mentality. Developers have access to more computing power and as such they code their applications to be handled in these environments. With each new feature the application becomes slower and slower, but this problem has already has a solution — upgrade your hardware. This is an endless cycle.

Many of the user interfaces people come across today are on the Web. This means the user has to download most of the related material (images, CSS, JavaScript) before interacting with the content, so the same philosophy must be applied to the Web. Websites, or more recently web applications, are becoming more complex, even replacing many desktop applications, therefore the user must first download more and more information before beginning their experience.

Although file sizes required to view a website have increased dramatically over recent years, more and more people are upgrading their Internet connections, with broadband becoming the norm in many countries. This cycle conforms to the hardware upgrade philosophy and in theory should negate any potential user experience problems.

However, web developers are falling in to the same trap which many application developers have before. As layouts become more complex, more images are required and so the developer creates more images — even if they are sprites. This seems like a reasonable assertion, but it doesn’t mean it is the best solution.

A Twist on the Technique

Due to the limitations of the Web, there have been many inventive solutions to problems. But the Web isn’t the only place where there can be very tight limitations. Innovation strives on limitation. A great example of this was in the iconic game Super Mario Brothers where the bushes were just recoloured clouds.

This very simple but extremely effective implementation made me think about how to reuse common interface elements, trick the user to believe something the same is different!

Now on to the twist, this idea is to create a transparent sprite allowing the


to show through. If you are familiar with CSS Sprites, you should be able to grasp this twist relatively easily.

Simply, an image with a transparent “knocked-out” transparent center is placed over a background colour. Changing the background colour changes the appearance of the element. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the colour surrounding the transparent part of the image matches the background in which you are using the techinque. This stops the background colour bleeding in to other parts of your image.

Anyway, this technique is much easier to understand in an example…


The following example is only made up of three images. One for all the font samples, one image for both sets of droplets, including hover and active states, and one for the all buttons.

The Images

The font image contains transparent typefaces on a white background, meaning they aren’t viewable on a white background. Save the file from the example, open it in your favourite graphics editor and you will see the transparent typefaces.

The drops image is used on the example above as the colour picker. A single graphic containing the gradient drop on the two different backgrounds, so the


is masked out correctly. The image contains all three states used in modern interactive interfaces — static, hover/focus, pressed/active.

The button technique is the most flexible and probably most useful way to use this technique. A simple sprite image containing two states — static and hover/focus — which is then placed over text to create the button. Simply adding a


will make every use of this button the same style across your application or website.

Below is some CSS which styles simple fixed width buttons with a grey background colour, but also has two different treatments, “warning” and “go”, which have red and green background colours respectively.

a.button {
  display: block;
  width: 80px; height: 30px;
  margin: 0 20px;
  font-size: 14px; line-height: 30px; color: #fff;
  text-align: center; text-decoration: none;
  background: #4a4a4a url(button.png) no-repeat 0 0;
a.button:active {
  background-position: 0 -40px;
a.button.warning {
  background-color: #ea1d22;
a.button.go {
  background-color: #309721;

The CSS above produces the following buttons:


This techinque could be useful when providing a range of themes for a website. You could create one set of buttons and icons then add the background colour which best suits the selected theme.

Although this technique will never be as broadly useful as the original CSS Sprites, the idea can be useful for websites which allow user theming. The technique could also be used when creating HTML mockups, allowing you to easily update colours based on client feedback.

The main benefit this technique has is that it reduces the number of HTTP requests. But it also reduces browser memory usage compared with what would be needed if you created a larger sprite to handle all the colours you need.

I would like to mention one caveat though, IE6, because it does not natively support transparent PNGs. There are PNG fixes, but none1 of these support


which is needed if you are using this technique with CSS sprites, such as with the buttons and droplets above. However, you could provide a slightly less optimal experience using GIFs instead.

1. The IE PNG Fix from TwinHelix does include support for


, but the solution requires JavaScript.

Further Resources

If you are interested in any aspect of CSS Sprites, check out the following extra resources.

Below are a list of links used within the article:

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YellowBird Brings 360-Degree Video to YouTube

yellowbird_logo.jpgYellowBird, a Netherlands-based video technology startup, just had its interactive, 360-degree video player approved by YouTube for integration into YouTube’s channels. With the new player, you can now not only watch immersive, 360-degree YouTube videos, you can also navigate the video by dragging your mouse. As TechCrunch rightly described it last year – it’s like Google Street View for video.

The first YouTube video with this technology is live now, in a campaign designed for Doritos.


You can see the Doritos video by clicking here: On this heavily customized YouTube channel, the main video plays a 360-degree version of Professor Green’s new video “Coming to get me.” Even if you don’t know or care who that is, the video is worth checking out for the experience alone.

As with Street View and other 360-degree technologies, you simply click and drag your mouse to choose which direction you want to go within the video.

YellowBird says its original player was customized specifically for this project into an embeddable widget which also contains social networking links, a 2D (unwrapped) version of the video and a link to buy the album from inside the player.


About yellowBird

The company builds 360-degree experiences like this one for Doritos by using special software that stitches video data together combined with a player for navigating the through the video created.

Co-founder Rafaël Redczus has been interested in 3D technology since 1999, when he developed a method for creating a still 3D image which attracted interest from clients like Volkswagen, Four Seasons (Japan), Ritz-Carlton (Hawaii), the Netherlands Railway and others. He and the company’s other co-founder Marc Groothelm met in 2005 and later went on to form yellowBird itself in March 2009.

One more thing, in case you haven’t noticed – yellowBird has one of the funniest domain names we’ve seen in tech in a long, long time:


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[+] Portal Login:

  • Manage your hosting account and web services

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[+] Blog Login:

  • Login to our Blog

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Get Started

Getting started with a multimedia and video package from BoonJack Media is simple and easy, hey it’s not just a slogan that’s how we do it. The real magic happens on our Partner Portal, the first screen shot below is the homepage listing all of the areas in the portal. We’ll start by clicking on the “Place An Order” icon.

The BoonJack Media Partner Portal Homepage

This is step 1 on the ordering screen, you’ll want to select a product or service category first. The default category is our Multimedia packages, we’re going to select the “Marketing Expert” package, hey it says best value… sweet!

Step 1: Select a product or service category type and package

Moving on to step 2, we’re going to select a Domain for our multimedia package. There are three choices, 1) purchase a domain directly from us 2) Transfer a domain you already own to use with your multimedia package 3) Use a domain you own and change the domain nameservers to point to your multimedia account. We going to register a new domain cause that’s how we roll, and hey look – is available… awesome!

Step 2: Select the type of Domain service

On Step 3 you can configure any options or domain addons for your multimedia package  and the payment terms, then click on “Update Your Cart” to continue.

Step 3: Configure any package options and payment terms

Here’s step 3 (continued), we bought extras for our domain. Hey we know it could be considered excessive, but we just can’t help splurging!

Step 3; (cont...) Select any domain extras you might need

On step 4 you can configure your domain extras and set your Nameservers (optional) for your domain. We are going to use the default anonymous Nameservers provided for free, because we dig our privacy. Confirm the order looks OK, then click “Checkout” or you can continue shopping and stuff your cart full of goodies.

Step 4: Configure any domain extras then click checkout

On Step 5 fill in your account details and information. We recommend choosing a strong password and using a security question, better to safe as Mom always says.

Step 5: Complete your account details and registration

Step 5 (continued), use your account details for your domain contact or enter a any new details here. Select your payment service either Authorize.Net or PayPal, both are excellent and accept all major credit and bank debit cards. Add any notes or other information to send to us, most people just type something in here like, “You All Are Awesome!” or similar. Read through our legal stuff, click agree to our terms and conditions, then activate your account!

Step 5: (cont..) Select a payment method and Activate your account!

That’s it you’re ready to deliver HD multimedia and video at unheard of speeds! Go ahead and access your client area dashboard now.

Your complete package details and instructions for your new multimedia website package will be emailed to you. We highly recommend saving this welcome email, but if you don’t it’s no problem. In your client area Dashboard, every email we send to you is saved and archived appropriately under “My Emails”.

Here’s some more screen shots below of the client area called “Your Dashboard” which is the one stop, one access point where you can completely manage every service under your multimedia account. Put quite simply, it rocks!

The client area called "Your Dashboard"

Client area  “Your Dashboard” continued… you’ve complete control with easy one-click logins to access all of your server account administration services.

Client area "Your Dashboard" (continued)

Want more? No problem, just create your free account here and fill in your information, then browse around the Partner Portal with full access! BTW we provide that cool “Your Dashboard” page for free accounts too.

Below are all the screen shots you can click to view larger images, use the >> located at the bottom right to cycle through.

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What we provide

BoonJack Media is a full service website hosting provider which specializes in Hi-Def or HD video and multimedia platforms.

There are many companies today which provide website hosting. Most offer some level of video and multimedia support too, however none can or will support HD video or multimedia playback adequately.

What makes BoonJack Media unique is our focus on delivering a fast and satisfactory user experience regardless of the content. HD quality video and multimedia is extremely popular for many practical business uses and we’ve built our servers around this demand. We provide full website services with all of HD video multimedia packages, and at an affordable price to meet any budget.

Most website hosting providers primary focus is marketing their website hosting services, while supporting video and multimedia is merely lip service. Most hosting simply fails to meet the online demands of today’s memory hungry apps, not to mention HD video or multimedia. Basically resulting in lost opportunities with higher bounce rates for their clients.


The short answer, there is a strong need for a HD video and multimedia system which does not require expensive streaming to deliver a fast viewing experience. We also wanted to provide a complete, easy to use all-in-one website platform, including hosting services under one administration and management GUI (graphical user interface).

Today’s HD video and multimedia service providers has a huge gap in the overall quality, and speed of delivery today among companies offering this type of service. There are a lot of traditional video hosting companies and services out there, but when you take a look at the HD video hosting options, the choices become quite narrowed and display performance is poor.

Most of the “Better” providers offering HD and video hosting fall flat when it comes to speed of delivery, or require a streaming server. The streaming server hosting costs, compared to standard video hosting, can quickly become inconceivable for the majority of businesses with digital content.

These video hosting companies don’t offer website hosting services either, so it’s not uncommon for companies to have multiple logins, and accounts for their website services. This can be hard to manage, a nightmare juggling all the different account login names and passwords. For someone to put together tracking and analysis, or just to make a simple change on one account might affect your other services too. Managing your website definitely doesn’t have to be this difficult, we kept it simple by providing one simple administration interface, with easy one-click access to all services.

Whats under the hood?

Server Technology: We have built and developed a server architecture from scratch specifically for HD multimedia and video delivery with a focus on a high speed viewing experience for the majority of viewers, browsers, PC types, and ISP bandwidth variations from broadband to mobile. We’ve dubbed the servers as a “Cloud X Hosting” build, with varying versions and configurations which can be integrated into any existing system from Windows to Mac and various Unix/Linux systems. A wide variety of major libraries and coding are supported and pre-configured with dependencies already resolved.

High Speed Delivery: We run wide open and have the pedal to the metal 24/7. We don’t throttle bandwidth or allocate memory per account, all of our servers and accounts serve content on a first come first server basis, and burst unlimited memory on demand.

All Content is served upfront with high RPM solid state hard drives running 1TB per server with dual-raid with daily dual backups on and off site. Our servers are configured per account with 256MB for PHP apps, 1GB file management transfer as standard. Our database architecture is configured for large file handling, MySQL and PostGresSQL are fully supported and we run the latest version of PHPMyAdmin configured with all options.

The result is a very fast content delivery server that can easily handle large HD video and multimedia files without the need for streaming. If video or media streaming is required, we have pre-built PHP scripts available for free which can be easily implemented into the display system.

No Streaming Required: We also wanted to support media streaming, but without using RTMP. We felt PHP 5 was refined and powerful enough to support streaming. It’s more compatible, less restrictive, and is more cost effective compared to RTMP streaming. Hard and Soft costs of HD (or standard) video management on medium to large platforms can be trimmed by 10X and content delivery performance boosts of 15-20% without bandwidth or memory increases.

If video or media streaming is required for playback, we have pre-built PHP scripts available for free which can be easily implemented into the display system.

If RTMP Streaming is something you need or require, no problem. All of our video multimedia website hosting and server packages can easily integrate with any of the major RTMP systems, like: Wowza, Red 5, Flash Streaming Server, Sorenson, Akamai, Mediacore, and many other popular streaming servers.

No CDN Required: Our system doesn’t require or need a CDN for insuring fast content delivery across geography, an added cost savings benefit we pass on to you. Content delivery networks are great if you need it, most HD or standard video systems recommend or include CDN services for free. Which is usually because their service isn’t strong enough alone to delivery a decent across the board geographic viewing experience.

If you would need or require a CDN service, it’s no problem. All of our video multimedia website hosting and server packages can easily integrate with any CDN, like: SimpleCDN, Amazon Cloudfront, Limelight, Sorenson, and many other popular content delivery networks.

Encoding Included: All our packages included video and media encoding directly from your server account, so there is no need for a separate encoding service. We use FFMPEG, Mencoder, Xvid, x264 and can encode and deliver video in any major format for PC and mobile playback including: AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, OGG, F4V, MOV, VP8, and more.

For audio encoding we use FAAC and LAME, and support all major audio codecs including: MP3, WAV, MP4, and many more. MP3 Id3 and exif meta tags are also included and supported for audio and video.

If there’s is a certain rare or exclusive video or audio codec you need no problem, we can provide a player or containers to support it, or simply add the format engines and libraries for you.

Full Website Platform: Full website services with a complete Administration GUI system, very large list of features and options are included in all of the packages we offer. This doesn’t mean that you would need to drop you current website host to purchase one of our multimedia packages. The full website service platform is simply there as an option, like gravy on your mashed potatoes.

Our multimedia packaging and pricing covers all levels and needs for any business looking to deliver fast, high quality HD video and multimedia, and can be simply integrated into your current website hosting system.

You can use the full website services platform to manage all of your websites or not, the choice is yours. If you can’t find a package you like or want to custom build your own, no problem. We offer a “Custom Package Builder” you can utilize to roll your own multimedia package for as little as $4 a month.

High Performance For All: All of our multimedia packages and any “Custom Package Builds” deliver the same high speed HD video and multimedia content performance, regardless of the package level or price. Most HD or standard video companies limit or restrict the speed or delivery performance based upon the level or price of the package you purchase.

We don’t, in fact the only difference between all of our packages and pricing is the amount of storage and bandwidth needed, they all have and include the same features and options too.

For instance our “Marketing Expert” package priced at $9 per month with 1 GB of storage and bandwidth delivers the same high speed HD video and multimedia performance that our top level package does, known appropriately as “The Bigtime” package.

Flexible Monthly Service: Our packages and pricing are simply month to month, with no contract commitment or requirement. You can cancel at anytime, or upgrade, downgrade at any time easily through your administration GUI, known as the Partner Portal. Automated billing is handled through the portal too, with your choice of PayPal or Authorize.Net which accept all major credit or bank debit cards.

White Labeled: We understand the need for businesses to privately utilize services online, and we’ve went to great lengths to ensure complete anonymity for our clients. Competition is fierce, every little edge matters today, co-branding with a service provider negates any competitive advantage and drastically inhibits growth in


sales of your customer base or offerings.

All of our packages are “completely” white labeled or private, with your branding only.

Which simply means BoonJack Media is not related to your website or multimedia package on any front-end, back-end, or website display, period.

We anonymously support our clients, and provide free anonymous nameservers registered privately offshore, or you can use your own. Your HD video and multimedia is delivered directly from your server account and website as well, unlike most video hosting providers which provide you a link to your video from their server to include on your website.

Open Source: BoonJack Media’s platform was built with and around open source architecture and software. We could have went with licensed, proprietary systems and software, but this would mean much higher costs for our clients, and a restrictive environment for our service offerings which we could not guarantee anonymously or white label.

You have complete control to add any service or software to your account desired, change the code, add any branding, or integrate into any other service or system too.

Support and Knowledge: We offer full support for every account, and provide an easy to use support ticketing system built into your administration GUI’s email system for quick and efficient communication with our team of experts standing by. Our Knowledgebase includes a wide range of tutorials both written and videos, step by step instructions, and help icons are just a click away conveniently provided throughout the entire platform.

I think that about cover’s the overview of our services, and why we’re a great choice for you to deliver HD video and multimedia for your business. If you have any other questions just drop us a line, we’ll be glad to help.

Really Fast HD Video?

Yeah we think so, but see for yourself HD Video Examples.

You can also view more examples of HD video and Hi-Def music on our demo sites, or our portfolio for some live action. The video titles have the types of video format parameters listed, check it out here.

If you have existing content on other video websites like; Youtube, Google, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Vimeo, Revver, Vzaar, BitsOnTheRun, Facebook, or any others you need transferred, no problem. Our platform supports easy integration, and video embeds for your website. If you are interested in moving or archiving all of your video content, we can help there too.

Where Can I Learn More or Get Started?

You can learn more on our Getting Started page which provides a guide for signing-up, with some cool screen shots too.

What Else Do You People Offer?

We provide full web development solutions for existing or customized platforms and systems, graphic and flash design services, video and audio solutions. We also provide consulting solutions for a wide variety of online services. If you have a project big or small, we can help!

Here’s our portfolio from some of our clients that don’t mind if we show off work we’ve done for them.

We specialize of course in multimedia and video systems, software, and platforms, but we have a lot of experience with the latest online technology in general. It’s a nature of the beast sort of thing, call it a prerequisite from building and developing multimedia website platforms.

Give us a shout, we’d be glad to help in whatever way we can. We’re a hard working team, straight shooters and will provide solid answers with efficient, affordable, high performance technology solutions to get the job done right.

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BoonJack Media | We Make Multimedia easy.

↑ Grab this Headline Animator


Here’s the list of features included with all of our website hosting packages.

Below is the list of over 200+ supported open source software and systems you can install on Every Multimedia Video Website Hosting Package we offer for Free, Enjoy!


HD Video and Multimedia Website #1click here


Upload a HD video test the speed!

Get your HD video on with this Free top-shelf HD video / Social Media website. It’s loaded with features, completely customizable, excellent for online video seo and marketing, integrates into any existing website platform, easy to use administration and management tools, great search engine rankings, and ready for your branding design. Plus you can easily install this video website yourself for FREE on any Multimedia video Website hosting package we offer with Fast HD Video Delivery – No streaming media server needed!

HD Video Site #1 Features Include:

  • 5 full featured customizable video players to choose from via admin
  • 2 design templates to choose from
  • Social Media features and design format; messaging, comments, sharing, plus much more
  • Full Admin GUI with User / Media Management System
  • Similar design as Youtube; Groups, channels, roles, etc.
  • Video RSS and mRSS Feed System
  • 2 Video and Multimedia Encoding Libraries to choose from – FFMpeg and MP4Box
  • Full Video Management and Editing System
  • Video File Uploading System: Full Meta-Tagging and Video Embedding
  • Full Advertising System for Video Banners and Site Ads: Monetize and Earn!
  • Supports all Major Multimedia formats: FLV/MP3/AVI/WMV/3GP/MP4/WAV/F4V
  • Plus much more, but we’ve made you yawn enough from reading about it… so go check it out for yourself!

free software open source one click installs cpanel whm boonjackmedia 

FREE Software And Easy Installs Included With Every Package


[Try the demos below Or click the software links for demos]

Get FREE Software with any Multimedia website hosting package we offer with Easy DIY Full Installations and Admin Account Configuration including the Database with just a few clicks! On every BoonJack Media Package we offer these top-shelf, proven, award winning Open Source Software and Systems which are completely customizable to fit your branding and design located right in your cPanel Server GUI. All software easily integrates into any existing website platform, features an Admin GUI complete documentation, community support, design templates, helpful tutorials, forums, and much more to get you going on developing your website platform.

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Standard Shared Hosting Accounts Using These Power-Packed Software Systems!

All of Our Multimedia Website Hosting Packages come with a Maxed-Out Multimedia Server Configuration to Fully Support all the Software listed below. Achieving the Hi-Performance needed and desired for Your Online Business typically found only with dedicated servers.

An example, our PHP Memory Limit Allocation for every Multimedia Package is 512M per app! While standard shared hosting only offers you 32MB on average per account, and won’t allow modifying this level even if you have an “Unlimited” storage / bandwidth package or are a reseller. You need to upgrade to a dedicated server to get that kind of control.

How can we offer this kind of performance?

Simple, we don’t overload our servers. Typical shared hosting providers which sell “Unlimited” packages and add 400-600 accounts per server, so you’re actually sharing performance with 400 to 600 other websites just like yours. At that level of sharing per server, they have to allocate memory and have to restrict certain performance related features, so every account on the server isn’t overpowered from just one account.

We assign a maximum of 50 accounts per server, which is the primary reason we can provide superior performance, overall speed, and features for power-hungry apps or HD multimedia. If your website, app, or script needs bandwidth from traffic surges then we deliver it now – our network is 10MPBS burstable to 100MBPS.

Apache Linux Servers featuring FastCGI with Dynamic Caching and much more, plus all the latest and greatest goodies…

The bandwidth available on our servers are unlimited with raid and scaled clustering with solid state high-rpm hard drives.

We open up our servers and network full-throttle. Offering unlimited file uploading (1G file max) on every account upto your maximum account storage for large file management, or emailing files. Every account comes pre-configured with the complete range of Multimedia, Video, Structured Framework and Code libraries you’ll need for delivering your own Hi-Def video and multimedia content without the costly need of a streaming server.

BoonJack Media: Open Source (FOSS) / Proprietary (LICS) Software and System PartnersBoonJack Media Has You Covered With Our BIG List

Open Source (FOSS) / Proprietary (LICS) Software and System Partners

We have spent numerous hours doing due diligence on our multimedia server platform. Our R&D is rigorous and unforgiving, we try to break the software first then attempt to fix it, this helps us discover the true inner workings and full capabilities of the software systems we’re considering. Out of literally thousands of software systems, we’ve only selected a few overall which we support and adopt for integration into our multimedia server platform. You can be assured the software and systems we approve and recommend are the best available solutions online, plus we’re continuously surfing the bleeding-edge of technology looking for more winners for approval and integration.

Below is “Our Big List” of Software and Systems we recommend – Over 250+ titles. All can be installed for FREE on ANY of our Multimedia Website Hosting Packages we offer.

Most of the software and systems listed are Open Source (FOSS), meaning the software is free to use under certain conditions and is supported by a community of people sharing in the continued development of the software and system together. We also recommend some Proprietary software and systems which require a paid license to own or use, all of which of course are well worth the jack.

Ok enough of the rant, let’s get on to “Our Big List” of stuff…

BoonJack Media is NOC partners with Softaculous and Installatron featuring their awesome automated installer’s.

These are by far the 2 best auto-installers available online we’ve found. Together they support over 250+ free software and scripts you can easily install in just a few clicks.

Softaculous and Installatron are included with every Package we offer.

Here’s a demo for Softaculous to play around with: Softaculous List and Demos

Check out our Softaculous Demo here, or simply admire the pretty image sample of free software that can be automatically installed in every web hosting package we offer!


Free Automated Software Installations

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Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal is where the magic happens, offering easy management of EVERYTHING included with your advanced multimedia hosting platform account:

[+] Easy one-click login access to: cPanel, WHM, Webmail, your resold client information

[+] Access to your products, services, modules, options/addons, software, web templates, and scripts

[+] Support, Quotes, 1GB File Uploads with Your Advanced Ticketing System

[+] An exclusive baked-in Email account with a WYSIWIG composer

[+] A Knowledgebase with Tutorials, Online Resources, Free Software (FOSS)

[+] Billing, Invoices, Payments: A full accounting system

[+] And much, much more…

Click hereCLICK HERE or the logo below to access Our Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal Site | Your Total Multimedia Hosting Account Management System

Our Partner Portal Site | Your Total Multimedia Hosting Account Management System

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